Our Music
St. Michael’s has always placed a very high value on sacred music. This is apparent in the variety, quality and commitment to music in the liturgy, and to music as a means of spiritual understanding and growth.
St. Michael's Chancel Choir sings each Sunday at the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist, September through May. The choir leads     congregational singing of service music and hymns, and also prepares appropriate seasonal offertory anthems. High standards and goals are set for the group, which is comprised  of volunteers with varying levels of ability. St. Michael's Choir offerings may include professional vocalists and instrumentalists on major feasts.
The Children's Choir is a powerful draw for young families.  The choir contributes musical offerings throughout the school year and performs a musical drama each December. 
The Music Ministry which is supported by our own St. Cecilia’s Guild, is comprised of emeritus choir members, current choir members and non-musicians.  The Guild supports the strategic vision of the Music Ministry by organizing periodic recital fundraisers and delivering regular music education programs for the appreciation of sacred music.  The Guild fosters excellence in sacred music by providing partial scholarships for choir members to attend periodic cathedral residencies in England.