Coronavirus: Sunday Services Suspended
March 12, 2020 8:45pm
Dear People of St. Michael's,
It is with some mixed emotions that I email you this evening.  No doubt you are aware of the increasing concern surrounding the Coronavirus and its impacts on all aspects of our society.  (I was at the grocery store just today, and let me tell you!)  It is a continued concern that whenever large groups of people gather together, there is a risk of the contagion spreading.  Some of our most vulnerable members are at the most risk from this virus.  Bishop Lee has also been watching the situation closely, and this evening the clergy received an email from him.  
Effective immediately, we are to discourage you from attending Sunday worship services this weekend.  Please stay home, find an online worship opportunity, and help reduce the spread of this virus.  All in-person meetings, events, and small groups are also on hold and are no longer able to meet at the church.  
This Sunday, we will still have our regular 8am and 10am services.  However, after this week (3/15) Sunday services will be suspended until further notice from the Bishop. 

My friends, I must admit it is a lot to wrap our heads around.  I have never canceled services before.  Yet I trust in our Bishop to make a sound decision after much deliberation, and to consider the health of our members and those we come in contact with.  St. Michael's will follow Bishop Lee's guidelines in his letter above, and I pray for a quick resolution to this situation so that we can all return rejoicing to pray, worship, and see each other on Sundays again soon.  
May God bless you, and may you stay in good health!

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