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Jim Stevens, Stewardship Chair


The Stewardship Committee appreciates you using this paperless option for submitting your paperwork for the 2019 Stewardship Campaign.  Below you will find the following links:


1.  Stewardship Letter dated October 3, 2018. 


2.  Link to the Giving website page.  Once on this page, click on "online giving portal" to fill out and submit your pledge information.  The information you submit will be automatically sent through with the choice of payment options you specify.


3.  This year we are offering two pledge cards.  The online Pledge Card is for parishioners who have pledged in previous years.  The New Pledger Card is for the person(s) who have not pledged in prior years.  Please click on whichever card applies to you, fill it out and submit.


Thank you for your submission(s).  Many blessings to you.

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